A World of GEMS

I have a deep appreciation for the beauty and healing properties of gemstones.  Whether it’s the serenity of amethyst, the grounding nature of smoky quartz, or the cheerful properties of citrine, gemstones set a mood and tell a memorable story.    I love working with clients to create a jewelry wardrobe that captures their unique personalities with a diverse palette of gemstones. Gemstones have held profound cultural and spiritual meaning for centuries – often considered magical.   

Use the reference guide below to guide your journey into the fascinating power of COLOR and the mystical properties of GEMSTONES.

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RED (Rhodolite Garnet)

Ignites passion, symbolizes vitality.  Adorn with Garnets to

  • increase energy
  • express love
  • increase confidence

Along with increasing desire, RHODOLITE GARNETS stimulate intuition and inspiration.  It isthe stone of explorers and adventurers -use it to guide career changes and travels.  Even Noah is reported to have used a lantern of garnet to steer his Ark through the dark night.  Since Antiquity, sages believed that the cosmos was reflected these gemstones.  Garnets aide in pancreatic function, soothing arthritis and shrinking varicose veins.    Garnet is the January birthstone.

ORANGE (Fire Opal)

A power color connected to the second chakra.  Adorn with ORANGE to

  • to increase creativity
  • add spice to life
  • lighten your mood

In the labyrinthe passages of extinct volcanos you’ll find what the Aztecs and Mayas called “the stone of the bird of paradise.”  This fiery red gem graced rituals evoking romantic love and happiness.  Like the turbulent volcanic lava from which it is spawned, the Mexican Fire Opal brings its wearer an essence of vigor and vitality.

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YELLOW (Citrine)

Symbolizes intellect and wisdom.  Adorn with YELLOW to

  • increase clarity
  • sharpen memory and concentration
  • lift spirits during challenging times

CITRINE has been considered “the stone of success” for centuries, across continents. This golden quartz is one of two minerals on earth that cannot absorb negative energy.  Since the Middle Ages healers have used it to battle depression, increase self-esteem and master the ego.   Citrine generates optimism and openness to new ideas.   This iron-laden mineral cleanses the liver and kidneys.  It also aids blood circulation, balances the thyroid gland and improves vision.

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GREEN (Peridot)

The color of fertility and life.  Adorn with Peridot to

  • initiate growth
  • reset your balance
  • pursue a new project

PERIDOT is one of the oldest known gemstones, and one of the few found in meteorites. The Egyptians, Aztecs and Incas used this unique mineral to heal the lungs, lymph nodes, spleen and intestinal tract.  Peridot wearers can also alleviate nearsightedness and astigmatism, promote sleep and relieve depression.  The ancients even believed that medicines taken from a peridot goblet could speed up the healing process.

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Prasolite (Light Green)

This green quartz variety enhances intuitive abilities, which release compassion, creativity and love.  For centuries healers have used this stone to connect the physical self to the spiritual self.  This heart stone activates the higher divine vibrations, vibrations of unconditional love – for others and for oneself.  It transmutes negative energy to positive without releasing it to the atmosphere.   

BLUE (Topaz)

A calming color that symbolizes clear communication.  Adore with BLUE TOPAZ to

  • amplify your voice
  • open the flow of communication
  • cool emotions and restore peace

Because BLUE TOPAZ heightens the sensitivity of the tastebuds it stimulates digestion and delight with life.  The Romans considered topaz a symbol of wise rulers.  (The royal crown of England is set with nearly 500 topaz stones.)   This mineral also cures insomnia, asthma and hemorrhages.  Blue topaz also has fast working cooling powers –  good for those with hot tempers. 

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PURPLE (Amethyst)

Associated with Royalty, helps with good judgement and meditation. Adorn with AMETHYST to

  • to increase imagination
  • to remove obstacles
  • to calm busy mind

The word AMETHYST originates from the Greek “amethusos”, meaning “not drunk”.   This stone of the mind is helpful to those overcoming any form of addictive behavior.   By repelling negative energy and attracting positive vibrations, this gemstone protects its wearer.   The longer it is worn, the more consistently amethyst fosters inner peace and psychic abilities.   Amethyst is the birthstone of Aquarians.

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BROWN (Smoky Quartz)

The grounding color of the Earth.  Adorn with SMOKY QUARTZ to

  • represent stability and steadfastness
  • convey warmth and honesty
  • ground energy

This grayish brown stone is considered “the grounding stone”, because it absorbs electromagnetic stress (including the stress of cellphones) grounding its wearer in the present moment.  Smoky quartz also picks up sound vibrations, sharpening awareness of both aural and telepathic sound.  This acute awareness gradually improves the wearer’s organizational skills and practical capabilities.

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Zircon (Various Colors)

Greek, Roman, Hindu and Persian writings all mention ZIRCON's balancing properties.  The “golden stone”, as the Persians called it, has a very strong magnetic field, which helps align all seven chakras.  Zircon aids cardiac, lung and liver functions.  This ancient stone also improves mental focus, appetite and even facilitates child birth.