Helene Lucille Designs

My designs are informed and inspired by everyday beauty. Arches, crescents, curves, and swirls – all catch my eye and stop me in my tracks.  Whether I’m walking past the wrought iron gates of a Gold Coast brownstone in my neighborhood, or wandering through a maze of vibrant textiles at an Oaxaca open-air market, I see the world in shapes and colors. 

I believe simple, streamlined designs let the splendor of gemstones take center stage.  My very first collection was dedicated to earrings, as it's the one piece of jewelry I never leave home without!  A great pair of earrings frames a woman's face and draws attention to her eyes, the source of her sparkle. 

I handpick and match every gemstone, sourcing only the very best from around the globe.  Combining and contrasting color in unexpected ways makes a bold statement and is what sets my jewelry apart.

My designs aren’t shy.  I am of the persuasion that if you are going to wear jewelry, it should be seen.  I want the women who wear my jewelry to feel confident, free-spirited, and sexy! 

A great piece of jewelry is the finishing touch, the icing on the cake, it turns ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY!