The Engagement Ring

For many men, the purchase of an engagement ring will be their first experience into the sometimes-perplexing world of jewelry.   Likely they have already been inundated with terms such as cut, color, clarity, micro-pave, eternity, and feeling a bit under pressure to make the right choice for their bride-to-be.  

The first thing I tell such clients is to RELAX, and keep the focus on the once-in-a-life-time moment in their lives.   Being part of this romantic journey is one of my favorite things.   I love to educate new clients on the ins-and-outs of diamonds, while delivering WOW results, no matter the budget.  I understand the anxiety that comes from navigating a sea of choices and I understand the expectations of a woman…  Having spent over two decades working with mall jewelers, I am eager to provide a more personalized and enjoyable experience.  I am here to simplify the process, while delivering extraordinary value. 

Here is a bit of what to expect while working with me to create an engagement ring:


I start with a consultation, either in person or via phone, to learn about the style and desires of the woman who will wear the ring.  (In my experience, she has likely left plenty of clues as to her dream ring.)  I also get a sense of budget, so I can start to source the biggest part of the investment, the diamond.    As a Gemologist and diamond buyer, I look at dozens of diamonds to find the most brilliant, best quality GIA certified diamond at the very best value.   This is something you won't get with online shopping, the assurance that someone has compared and contrasted every detail to present a selection of diamonds that maximize your budget.   I enjoy working with smart, educated buyers who understand it’s not merely about cost, but quality and value, so I share quite a bit of information about my diamond selections.



Asking the right questions to determine a woman’s unique style will lead to the next step, which is designing the ring itself.  Whether she knows exactly what she wants or has left subtle clues, I will guide you through this process painlessly.   I will present several options in person or via CAD renderings to give you a strong visual before you finalize the design.  In the end, your beloved will have a ring that sets her apart and truly makes her feel special.  The ring should be one of a kind, just like her. 

An engagement ring is truly the gift that keeps on giving because every time a woman looks at her hand she lights up and remembers her love. I take great pride in my work, delivering a WOW is my personal mission and I have never disappointed!

Praise from my newly married clients!

"I worked with Helene to design the perfect engagement ring. She helped me through the process using her detailed knowledge of diamond selection and jewelry design. Helene made the process much easier than I had expected and the final product was far greater than I could have imagined! My future bride was blown away! The best part is knowing that the ring is a completely unique design that both of us contributed to. We were so happy with our experience that we came back to Helene for our wedding bands and she was able to help us find the perfect combination. Helene is wonderful to work with and we plan to come back to her again!"

- Amy and Brandon
Married on June, 15, 2013